Get benefit paid directly into your bank account

Reduce time and effort in sorting out rent payments

The Council and the government are promoting the use of bank accounts for tenants receiving benefit. There are many advantages in paying your benefit in this way - it means that you will:

  • receive your benefit on the day that it is due
  • no longer have to wait for a cheque to arrive in the post and wait for it to clear
  • be able to set up a standing order or direct debit to pay your rent
  • have greater peace of mind that your rent is up to date

Opening a bank account

You should be able to open a basic bank account either at a bank, building society or at the Torfaen Credit Union to get your Housing Benefit.

More information on the banks and building societies in Torfaen that offer basic bank accounts is available here.

You can also get information on opening a bank account from the Money Advice Service website.

Last Modified: 18/01/2019
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