Bag Sorting Area - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Policy?

The Policy seeks to encourage residents to sort their waste, ideally at home, to avoid throwing recyclable waste away at the HWRC.

Why has the Policy been introduced?

  • To try and encourage more people to recycle more, either at home or at the HWRC.
  • TCBC must meet stringent targets set by Welsh Government:
    • At least 64% must be recycled by April 2020
    • At least 70% must be recycled by April 2025
  • For every 1% that the target is missed we will be fined around £100,000.

When does the Policy start?

The Policy starts from 4th March 2019.

What do I have to do?

  • Sort recyclable waste from non-recyclable materials at home so that when you visit the HWRC you can place recycling in the correct bins. This will make your visit quicker and easier.
  • Open bags that you bring to the HWRC to show our team that they do not contain recycling. If they do, you will need to sort them on site or return home to do this.

Only non-recyclable items will be allowed in the Household Waste residual skip.

Won’t this Policy increase flytipping?

Fly tipping is a criminal offence. Any individuals who do not deal responsibly with their waste will be investigated by the Council’s enforcement team.

Other councils that have introduced a Bag Sorting Area at their HWRCs have not experienced an increase in flytipped materials.

What if I have sensitive items in my bags?

You will still be asked to remove any recyclable items from the bags. Our team will be sensitive to your needs but may ask you to take the bags home for disposal in your skinny bin.

Will the site staff sort my bags for me?

No. The bags contain your waste, and it is your responsibility to sort them. We can provide gloves to help you.

How do I get extra recycling containers to recycle at home?

We keep a stock of containers at the Council Offices at the Civic Centre, Ty Blaen, Cwmbran Library and Heritage Centre, Blaenavon. There is also a stock of containers kept at the HWRC – please ask at the gate. Alternatively you can request containers here or over the telephone (01495 762200) and we will deliver them to you.

Last Modified: 26/08/2022
For more information contact:

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