Recycling container collection hubs

What is stocked at hubs? 

  • Blue bags 
  • Black boxes
  • Liners for small indoor food waste caddy 
  • Small green food waste kitchen caddy 
  • Large brown food waste kitchen caddy 
  • Yellow bags 

Recycling hub locations 

A maximum of two recycling boxes, caddies, or bags can be collected per visit from: 

Do you deliver recycling boxes?  

For residents who are blue badge holders, on assisted collections, or are genuinely unable to visit the four hubs due to medical, or other reasons, the items can be delivered on request.  

Request a recycling container

Will the hubs be open every day of the week?  

Each hub has different opening hours, so please make sure you take a look at these before visiting.  

Why are you reducing the number of hubs?  

With current UK supply issues of containers, this new approach will improve availability of containers by ensuring the hubs are always adequately stocked, with deliveries planned twice a week. 

Prior to the pandemic, only three hubs stocked recycling containers.  

The number of hubs was increased during the covid pandemic to reduce travel and enable more local access to receptacles. 

A recent review of recycling container distribution has found that the current system is inefficient.  

By reducing the number of hubs which stock containers, it will be easier to ensure that each hub is regularly re-stocked with containers.    

Why have you chosen these hubs?  

The hubs have been chosen because they provide collection points across the borough. In addition, these hubs are staffed to help ensure that stock distribution is managed effectively.   

Last Modified: 24/05/2024
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