Stretchy plastic

The Council is working with local company, Capital Valleys Plastics, to recycle stretchy plastic in borough.

What stretchy plastic can be recycled?

Yes please

  • Any 5p or 10p carrier bags / bags for life
  • Bubble wrap (preferably popped)    
  • Bread bags
  • Six pack rings
  • Outer packaging of drinks cans or cartons
  • Any clean, stretchy plastic that carries certain recycling logos

No thank you

  • Salad/food bags that aren't stretchy
  • Raw or cooked meat packaging
  • Plastic bottles or lids
  • Polystyrene of any kind
  • Plastic plates or cutlery
  • Bio-degradable dog poo bags
  • Cling film

Where can I take my stretchy plastic to recycle?

Household Recycling Centre

You can recycle stretchy plastic at the Household Recycling Centre in New Inn.

Community drop off points

The following businesses in Torfaen are collecting stretchy plastic:

  • Capital Valley Plastics, Cwmavon

We will continue adding to the list as new collection points become available.


Find out which supermarkets recycle stretchy plastic near you by visiting

What happens to my stretchy plastic?

Stretchy plastic is recycled and turned into membrane for the building trade. Find out more on the Capital Valley Plastic website.

Last Modified: 02/05/2024
For more information contact:

Call Torfaen

Tel: 01495 762200


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