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We care about our children's health and wellbeing. As such, we have created a range of school meals compliant with nutritional standards, and including a variety of red meat and poultry dishes, omega-3 rich oily fish, rice and pasta. All food and drink in our primary schools is analysed by our teams’ dietitian to comply with the Healthy Eating in Schools (Nutritional Standards and Regulations) (Wales) Regulations.

Our meals also offer more choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. And we have, of course, reduced the fat, sugar and salt content in our recipes, whilst increasing fibre. In addition, we use cooking methods like steaming and oven baking to ensure nutrients are retained, and texture and taste enhanced.

Our school menus are available here.

Free Breakfast Club Scheme

We have 24 breakfast clubs in primary schools in Torfaen with more than 1,000 children staying for a free breakfast every school day. Breakfast clubs offer a selection of cereals, including porridge in the colder months, milk, fruit and fruit juice, toast and occasionally beans on toast, ensuring all our pupils benefit from the best start to the day, and are ready to learn.

Fruit Tuck Shop and Salad Bars

"Sweet shop tucks" are very much a thing of the past. For some time now Fruit Tuck Shops and Salad Bars have been in operation in many primary schools, helping make the healthy option the easy option for our pupils throughout the whole school day and changing habits for the better.

"We have a fruit tuck shop, salad bar and breakfast club. We also include a nutrition element in our school council meetings and pupils are very enthusiastic about eating the right food. We encourage them now so it can help them in later life." Paul Welsh, Headteacher, Padre Pio Primary School

School milk scheme

Most of us know that milk is packed full of "good stuff" – energy, protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals important for growth and development, including strong bones and teeth. As caterers we have long since recognised the importance of milk as a drink, and all our infant and nursery pupils benefit from milk being provided free of charge daily.

Satisfied Children

"The high uptake of school lunch, little waste and happy, satisfied children is testament to the good quality and wide choice of each lunch menu offered daily and weekly.  This coupled with the warm, friendly staff who know and care for our children individually make lunch times a pleasure at Llantarnam Community Primary School. All credit to Torfaen Catering Team" Laura Perrett, Head Teacher

Last Modified: 20/01/2022
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