Younger Diners

Primary schools

We have created a range of school meals that are working towards nutritional standards including a variety of red meat and poultry dishes, omega-3 rich oily fish, rice and pasta. Primary school meals also offer more choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad and we have reduced the fat, sugar and salt content in our recipes.

We have also set up fruit tuck shops and salad bars in many primary schools which ensure children not only have a good start but also have healthy options throughout the day.

Parents are also encouraged to provide healthy lunchboxes.

"We have a fruit tuck shop, salad bar and breakfast club. We also include a nutrition element in our school council meetings and pupils are very enthusiastic about eating the right food. We encourage them now so it can help them in later life." Paul Welsh, Headteacher, Padre Pio Primary School

Choose it or lose it

Pupils also have their say on meals through regular school council meetings and they are currently taking part in Choose It or Lose It where each school can tailor their menus by choosing to keep some dishes and lose others.

Free Breakfast Club Scheme

We have 24 breakfast clubs in primary schools in Torfaen with more than 1,000 children staying for a free breakfast every school day.

School milk scheme

The scheme provides milk free of charge to all nursery and infant pupils.


Last Modified: 30/08/2019
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