Secondary School Catering

Our secondary schools offer more than 4,000 pupils a week a wider and healthier choice of set menus and choices than ever before.

There are daily vegetarian options on the standard menu, and a variety of red meat and poultry dishes, omega-3 rich oily fish, rice and pasta are available over the course of the week. Our meals also offer more choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. And we have, of course, reduced the fat, sugar and salt content in our recipes, whilst increasing fibre. In addition, we use cooking methods like steaming and oven baking to ensure nutrients are retained, and texture and taste enhanced.

Our cooks listen carefully to what pupils want to see on offer, and are always ready to adapt. In addition, as one of the few school Catering Teams in Wales who benefit from having a qualified Dietitian in the team, menus are not just tasty, but  designed to be compliant with the food standards set out in the Healthy Eating in Schools (Nutritional Standards and Regulations) (Wales) Regulations.

Meals, kitchen staff and equipment have also benefited from investment and our schools hold an excellent reputation for cleanliness and hygiene. Our staff are comprehensively trained in food hygiene, food safety, nutrition, and allergen management. This has all helped raise the professionalism of catering staff ensuring they are equipped with the skills to provide the best school meals possible.

Our school menus are available here.

Theme Days

Our Secondary Catering Teams lead the way in their much anticipated "Theme Days", helping to make school food fun and educational, whilst elevating the profile of the school catering service to the hub of the school. Teaching staff love theme days as much as the pupils as they creatively link food into wider curriculum and current events, whilst, of course, encouraging our pupils to try a variety of different foods.

Last Modified: 21/01/2022
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