Special Diets - Secondary School

As your provider of school meals, we take catering safely for all pupils very seriously. Many of the children moving to Secondary School will be used to being catered for in our primaries previously using special individualised menus produced by our dietitian.

It is important to be aware that provision of food at Secondary School for those on special diets is carried out differently to what you may have been used to at primary school.

  1. The child’s catering record does not go with them to the Secondary School. So, our cooks need to know if your child has an allergy/intolerance or any other special diet need. Your child should approach the cook to advise them directly of any special dietary need. If you are not confident that your child will be able to do this themselves, please contact the Catering office and we can ensure this information reaches the cook.
  2. As Secondary School catering is café style with a wide variety of options (rather than one set hot meal as in primary), a special menu will not be produced. Instead our cooks will discuss and make arrangements with your child as to what can be provided/what they would like on an individual basis.
  3. A full allergen matrix is kept in all kitchens for use by the cook and available to your child. We are also happy to provide this for parents should they wish to use this at home with the pupil when guiding them on choosing safely.
  4. Nuts and Peanut Allergies. Our primary menus are free from all nuts and peanuts and primary menus do not include any ingredients with “may contains” nuts or peanuts. There are items sold at Secondary Schools that have a “may contains nuts/peanuts” warning. These are clearly indicated on the allergen matrix and/or can be highlighted by the cook on site. Our cooks are not allowed to supply any food with a “contains” declaration or a “may contains” warning to a pupil who has disclosed an allergy to that particular ingredient.

Catering for pupils with a diagnosis of Autism

Torfaen School Catering are committed to making all reasonable adjustments to adapt and support pupils with a diagnosis of Autism in accessing school meal services. All our Catering Staff have received training in Autism Awareness. Please contact us for a copy of our policy "Catering in schools for pupils with a diagnosis of autism" and to discuss individualised support with the team’s dietitian via the email address specialdietrequest@torfaen.gov.uk.

Contact details for further questions, concerns or additional support

Special Diet Request
Torfaen Catering
Croesyceiliog C.E.C
The Highway
NP44 2HF

Tel: 01633 647723
Email: specialdietrequest@torfaen.gov.uk

Last Modified: 16/02/2022
For more information contact:

Torfaen Catering

Tel: 01633 647723

Email: specialdietrequest@torfaen.gov.uk

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