Sustainable school meals

Sustainable School Catering is about meeting the needs of today’s pupils without damaging opportunities for the future.

The Torfaen School Meals Team firmly believe that when it comes to most things, including sustainability, we are answerable only to our pupils. After all, it is clear that decisions made today can have both positive, or negative long term effects for our pupils and the wider community.

We know sustainability in school catering is never going to be a quick fix. It is a HUGE topic. But we are resilient and focussed team, and we are committed to the long-term journey. We are however acutely aware of the need to be honest in our starting points and transparent in what we are doing, publishing meaningful incremental real and tangible targets and achievements.

Our achievements/progress in 2023/24 will be updated regularly, we have already made a start in some areas, ensuring complete transparency and accountability in our actions. Click on the interactive sustainability journey roadmap to follow our progress in each area.

We are looking for feedback and suggestions from our pupils as to what you think we should be targeting. Please forward your suggestions to This is your future we are talking about.

Last Modified: 13/04/2023
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