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We work hard at Torfaen School Catering to make sure our menus are tasty, nutritious and value for money. We also strive to be inclusive and be able to cater for all our pupils.

We realise that one menu does not fit all, and our standard menu will not be suitable for some pupils. We are confident in catering for pupils who have specific medical requirements, such as allergens, coeliac disease and diabetes. We also cater for pupils who require a different menu for religious, ethical or cultural reasons such as vegetarian or pescatarian.

We have systems and procedures in place to ensure that those who require a special diet are catered for safely. This includes employing a dietitian to process these, working closely with parents/guardians and NHS colleagues.

Medically prescribed diets

To request a special diet, please complete the special diet request form for medically prescribed diets and return to the address at the bottom of the form. Please make sure section B is completed by a medical professional or you have enclosed a copy of a recent medical letter confirming the diagnosis and required diet.

The requirement for medical confirmation is to protect the health of your child and ensure that there is a medical need to restrict their diet. Providing a very restricted diet without medical need could potentially be harmful to the child without the support of a health professional. We cannot process your request until we have received this.

Once we have received the form, you will either receive a special diet menu for your child by post/email or we will contact you to discuss your child’s requirements in more detail before sending a menu out to you. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your menu to arrive.

Once you have received your child’s menu, we ask that you contact us to confirm that you are happy with the menu and discuss a start date. We will then provide a copy of the menu to the school cook and discuss your child’s requirements with them.

To protect the health of your child, please provide your child with a packed lunch from home until you have confirmed the start date.

Catering for pupils with a diagnosis of Autism

Torfaen School Catering are committed to making all reasonable adjustments to adapt and support pupils with a diagnosis of Autism in accessing school meal services. All our Catering Staff have received training in Autism Awareness. Please contact us for a copy of our policy "Catering in schools for pupils with a diagnosis of autism" and to discuss individualised support with the team’s dietitian via the email address specialdietrequest@torfaen.gov.uk.

Fussy eaters

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests from parents/guardians regarding children who dislike certain foods or who are fussy eaters. We advise you/your child to manage this themselves through their choices at the counter. The salad bar runs alongside the hot meal of the day and always offers a wide selection of foods that will hopefully enable your child to select something that they like, should they not like the meal of the day.

Special diets for religious, cultural or ethical reasons

We will always make every effort to cater for your child. If your child is following a vegetarian, meat or fish-free diet solely for religious, cultural or ethical reasons there will always be an appropriate choice on our standard menu. Should you require a vegan menu, please advise the office for this to be arranged.

Changes to dietary requirements

In many cases, children can outgrow allergies and/or no longer require a special diet. Please provide a letter or email to the catering office specifying the changes or confirming any change in requirements.

Children commencing on the milk ladder

Unfortunately we can only provide a milk-free or a standard menu. It is advised that any milk reintroductions take place at home where you can closely monitor your child and any reactions they may have.

Contact details for further questions and/or return of forms

Special Diet Request
Torfaen Catering
Croesyceiliog C.E.C
The Highway
NP44 2HF

Tel: 01633 647723
Email: specialdietrequest@torfaen.gov.uk

Last Modified: 30/03/2023
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