Education Payment Portal (for School Meals and Trips)

The way you pay for school meals, trips and other items has changed.

A new cashless system has been installed across all schools, and parents wishing to pay for school meals and other school items will need to register.

The new system is called Civica Pay Education. You can log in to the Education Payment Portal and make a schools payment here.

How to register on the new system

You will receive an email from the school your child attends or a letter (if they don’t hold your email address) inviting you to register on the Civica Pay Education Payment Portal.

The email will come from Please don’t worry, this is a genuine email, “Civica” is the company we are working with on the technology, so it is safe to open the email. Once you have registered your details and linked your child using the activation key code, you are ready to use the new payment system.

During the activation process you will be guided through a process to verify your email address and/or mobile number and set a password to something memorable to you. Important to note: the email address and mobile number used for verification must match the details held at the school. If you think the details are wrong, you will need to contact the school.Simply follow the easy-to-use instructions and link your child’s account with the one-time activation key code you receive.

Once registered you can easily add another child’s account so long as you have received a registration request with an activation key code for the second child you want to add.

Activation key codes expire after 7 days. Please contact the school if your code has expired and request a new activation code.

Although this new system is rolled out across all schools in the county borough, each school will administer their own account registration process so you may not receive all your registrations together if you have children in different schools.

If you have any questions about how to register on the new system visit the Education Payment Portal FAQs.

Key Features of the Education Payment Portal

The new portal will enable you to:

  • Pay securely using any mobile device, laptop or PC for all activities your child undertakes at school
  • Create a single account which you can add all your children to, even if they attend a different school in Torfaen (so long as the school subscribes to Civica Pay).
  • See a dashboard for your child which includes:
    • A school meal catering balance
    • Quick top-up and auto top-up options
    • List of available school trip, clubs and events
    • List of booked school trip, clubs, and events
    • View transactions and manage your child’s school meal account
    • Transfer balances between school meal accounts (if your children are within the same school)
    • Pay for school shop items to purchase items such as revision books and school uniform
    • Set your contact preference
    • See a full order history including all payments made
    • Manage and securely save your cards
    • Add multiple items to your basket with quick and easy check-out
    • Request to see the portal in Welsh
    • Seek help using the Education Payment Portal FAQs

Click here to view a quick video of the system and see for yourself how easy it is to use

Benefits of the new Education Payment Portal

  • Manage your child’s school activities and meals all in one place whenever and wherever you like
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your payments are made safely and securely with transaction history for all activities
  • Set an auto top-up for school meals so your catering balance always stays in credit
  • View catering balances quickly and easily and transfer between children at the same school
  • See meal purchases and value spent
  • Save and manage your cards for quick and easy check-out
  • See trips, clubs and events specific to your child
  • Make instalment payments for high value trips and see your balance outstanding
  • Give online consent for your child to go on trips and undertake activities
  • Receive targeted communication from school direct to your email or phone
  • Easy to use

If you need more information about the new CivicaPay Education Payment Portal please email

Last Modified: 10/11/2022
For more information contact:

Education Payment Portal 

Tel: 01495 762200


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