Education Payment Portal FAQs

How do I register to join The CivicaPay Education Portal?

Your child’s school will send you a registration email or letter inviting you to register for the CivicaPay Education Portal.

The registration email/letter will contain a link to the website and a unique registration code

How do I activate my account?

To activate your account; click on the link in the registration email and you will be taken to the registration page.

Once on the registration page you will need to create an account, perform account verification and then enter the unique code for your child contained in the registration email

Can I have all my children in one account?

You are able to have all your children in one account-once registered with the first child you can add another child from your account dashboard by clicking on the Add Child button.

Once in the Add Child screen you will need to input the unique code that the school will have emailed to you for the new child to be added to the account and provide a matching email or phone number that the school has for you.

What if my children are in different schools?

If you have children in different schools, and these schools use the CivicaPay Education Portal, then you will be able to manage all your children from the same account.

I have forgotten my password what do I do?

To reset your password go to the login page and click on the Forgotten Password link.

You will then be asked to provide your email address (this is the email that was used to register your account) and then to click on the Send Verification Code button which will send a verification code to that email address.

Once you have located the verification code from your email, input it into the verification code box and click verify code.

You will then be taken to an add new password screen and will be asked to add a new password and also to confirm that new password.

You will now have successfully reset your password and will be able to enter the new details to get access to your account.

How do I pay for my child’s lunches?

On the dashboard under your child’s name click on the Add funds button to add money to that child’s account.

Add the amount of money you want to top up by and click the Top-up button.

Check the amount is correct on the Basket page and click on the Checkout button.

On the Add Card Details page enter all the required card details.

If you want save the card against your account check the box supplied otherwise click the Pay Now button.

Payment will be taken from your account and added to your child’s catering account and a receipt will be emailed to you

How do I know my payment has been added to my child’s account?

To check the payment is in your child’s account click on the dashboard menu at the top of the receipt page and check the balance has been updated on the dashboard.

You can also check in the payment transaction history – click on the More options bar under your child’s name and then click on the Transaction History link to see the list of payment transactions against your child.

What if my child’s catering account is running low on funds?

On the dashboard for each child there is a Subscribe button that allows you to set up an Auto top-up function to manage a catering account.

Click the Auto Top-up On/Off button under your child’s picture to ON and either select a previously saved card or add a new card for payments to be taken from.

The text on the screen under the Auto Top-up On/Off button will show the amount the catering balance must fall to before a payment is automatically taken from the saved card.

Set the amount you wish to Top-up each time the catering balance falls below the threshold – this will be shown above the input box e.g. normally between £10 and £100 - Click on Save button to save these settings.

Whenever you want to turn off Auto top-up on your child’s account just set the Auto Top-up button to OFF.

How do I save my Debit/Credit card for when I want to set up Auto top-up on my catering account?

This can be done via your child’s dashboard when you Top up your child’s catering balance, subscribe to auto top-up.

You can also do this on the account dashboard by clicking the top menu item ‘Manage Cards’ – here you can add a new card and save it against your account.

What happens if I want to use a different payment card to pay for my child’s dinners?

Account dashboard click the top menu item ‘Manage Cards’ – here you can delete an existing card and add and save a new one against your account.

If I save my card on the education system are the details safe?

Your card details are not stored on the CivicaPay Education system – card details are held encrypted on a separate secure system.

Last Modified: 01/09/2021
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