Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish or bulky items on land not licensed to receive it.

Dumping household, industrial and commercial waste illegally is a serious criminal offence which can result in unlimited fines and or a prison sentence. This includes domestic waste dumped near public litter bins.

Any vehicle used to fly-tip rubbish can be seized by the police and the vehicle owner can be prosecuted, even if they were not responsible for the fly-tipping.

Torfaen Council will take legal action against anyone caught fly-tipping waste.

Our teams regularly monitor fly-tipping hot spots in person and using covert mobile CCTV cameras.  We also investigate every report of fly-tipping.

Residents and businesses can dispose of waste at the Household Recycling Centre in New Inn.

You can request a van/trailer permit for the Household Recycling Centre here.

If you discover fly-tipped waste

  • Do not touch the waste or remove items - there could be hazards like syringes and evidence that can identify those responsible.
  • Make a note of what you can see, the date, time and location.
  • Report fly-tipping to the council online, via the Torfaen Council app or by calling 01495 762200.

If you see someone fly-tipping, make a note of what has been dumped and where; the make, model and registration of any vehicles and descriptions of the people involved and report it to the council.

The council aims to remove fly-tipped waste on council-owned land within five working days.

If waste has been fly-tipped on private land, it is the landowner’s responsibility to remove it but we will support them if we can.  

Recent flytipping reports

This map shows the incidents of flytipping that have been reported and cleared from council land in the past 30 days. (Please note the map does not currently work on Safari)

Last Modified: 03/05/2024
For more information contact:

Street Scene

Tel: 01495 762200


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