Dead Animal Removal

As your local council, Torfaen CBC is responsible for the Environmental Cleansing of council owned land throughout the County Borough. 

Torfaen is rich in green and wooded areas and from time to time dead wild animals such as badgers, foxes, rabbits and squirrels will be found in public areas like parks, pathways and on the roads. Added to this household cats and dogs will also on occasion be found dead on public land.

There are of course health risks connected with animal carcasses being left on our streets especially in areas where children play. Dead animals on the roads cause danger to motorists and pedestrians.

Dead animals that are found on a public highway, footway, public right of way, public open spaces (including parks and playgrounds), Council owned car parks or similar locations are dealt with by the Council's Streetscene Team.

If a member of the public removes a dead animal from outside their property, please ensure it is placed in a bag or box and left just inside the entrance. Streetscene will then arrange for it to be removed. Please be aware that the Council will not remove householders pets.

Dead animals on commercial premises

The council does not remove dead animals from commercial premises free of charge.

If you find a dead animal on commercial or industrial premises inform the owner. If you are the owner contact your local authority and we will give you a quote for the removal and disposal of the dead animal.

Report It

You can report a dead animal on public land here. 

Providing the Council with accurate information e.g. the exact location and details of the type of animal involved will help officers to respond to swiftly to the report of a dead animal.

Dead animals will be removed from public land within 48 hours of receiving a report. If the report is considered to constitute a danger to highway users and/or public health, then officers will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.


There is no charge for this service if the animal is situated on public land. However, a charge may be made for removal from private land.

Last Modified: 09/03/2022
For more information contact:

Street Scene

Tel: 01495 762200


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