Abandoned Vehicles

Torfaen County Borough Council will investigate reports of abandoned cars on land in the open air or any land forming part of a highway. They will then investigate whether the vehicle has been abandoned and carry out checks to see whether it is taxed. It is illegal to dump a vehicle in the street. The police also have the power to immediately remove any vehicle which is causing an obstruction or is likely to cause a danger.

How to spot a possible abandoned vehicle?

Vehicles may be classed as abandoned if: 

  • The tax has expired
  • There is a danger to the public because the windows are smashed, the doors are open, wheels are missing etc. or the vehicle has been subject to arson
  • The vehicle does not have number plates
  • A vehicle you have never seen before has suddenly appeared in your road and no one is claiming it 

Report an abandoned vehicle 

If you see an abandoned vehicle please contact us. You will need to provide full details of the vehicle (type, colour, etc.) and its exact location. When you make a call you are likely to be asked for your name and address, this is simply for us to keep a record of calls made by members of the public.

How we deal with abandoned vehicles 

If we are notified of an abandoned vehicle, a 7 day notice will be placed on it informing the owner that it will be removed if it is not claimed. If it has not been claimed within 7 days, Torfaen CBC will carry out a DVLA check and will write a letter to the last know registered keeper, giving them 7 days in which to contact the authority before the car is removed. If no notification is received in relation to the vehicle the vehicle will be collected by the Council’s Contractor and it will be stored by a contractor for 21 days to allow time for the owner to reclaim it on payment of a fee. 

If the vehicle is claimed within the 7 day notice period, Torfaen CBC will not take any further action, but will advise the owner to remove the vehicle. 

If the vehicle is deemed to be dangerous, e.g. it has smashed windows or has been burnt-out, Torfaen CBC will issue a public danger notice and if the vehicle is not removed within 24 hours the council will make arrangements for it to be collected. It will be stored by a contractor to allow time for the owner to reclaim it, on payment of a fee.

Last Modified: 21/01/2019
For more information contact:

Street Scene

Tel: 01495 766720

Email: streetscene@torfaen.gov.uk

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