Public access to toilets in Torfaen

Public Conveniences - Look out for this symbol, it means you can pop in and use the toilets; you do not have to use the services of that building

Many people need to use a toilet when they are out and about and Torfaen County Borough Council (TCBC) are committed to doing our part in providing access to toilets and ensuring there is information available so people can leave their home without concern about finding a toilet when they need one.

TCBC currently provide a number of public toilet blocks across the Borough and allow people to use the toilets in many of our public buildings. There are also many businesses (such as shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs) and other organisations providing customer toilet facilities.

Sometimes the need to use a toilet can be an emergency and not knowing where to access such facilities means some people stay at home or limit their activities. This can lead to social isolation and feelings of loneliness, especially in older people and those with health or mobility issues. Everyone should be able to go out and about, meet friends and participate in local life.

With public service budgets reducing, maintaining public toilets is always an area of concern and the Council is doing everything it can to work with partners and continue to provide these facilities.

In May 2019 we published a Local Toilets Strategy for Torfaen, developed with extensive input from our residents. The strategy outlines our assessment of local toilet facilities and how we will work with partners who are willing to let members of the public use their customer toilets.

A list of toilet locations in Torfaen, that proprietors have confirmed they are happy for anyone to use, can be downloaded.

We have also worked with Welsh Government and the other local authorities across Wales to create a national map of toilets, which will help people to feel confident when travelling further afield.

We are aware of a number of local businesses and online retailers selling RADAR keys, which allow entry to accessible toilets. Information about RADAR toilets is available here.

Last Modified: 07/08/2019
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