Assessments - Adult Services

Torfaen County Borough Council – Adult Social Care – supports fair access to good quality care and support for people who need help most. We will discuss your individual situation with you. This discussion is called an assessment. You might request an assessment because you feel that you need support yourself or because you care for someone that may require care and/or support.

A member of staff will discuss with you what is important to you for example things that you like to do, people that you like to spend time with and how any changes in your situation affect you. This may include challenges that you experience that affect your independence. Small changes can make a big difference and the assessment may be a way of identifying straightforward solutions to your situation.

Taking your priorities into account, Adult Social Care will apply eligibility criteria to your situation and may recommend care and/or support funded by Torfaen County Borough Council. The member of staff will discuss this with you.

For more information, or to make a referral to social care services, telephone 01495 762200 or contact

Last Modified: 24/11/2020
For more information contact:

Social Care and Housing

Tel: 01495 762200


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