School and childcare costs

Childcare Offer Wales 

The Welsh Government’s Childcare Offer for Wales means that many parents of 3 to 4 year olds can receive help with childcare costs. 

This means 30 hours of early education and childcare in Wales for eligible parents. The 30 hours is made up of a minimum of 10 hours of early education a week and a maximum of 20 hours a week of childcare. For information, visit The Childcare Offer For Wales (30 hours Childcare) page.

Housing or Council Tax benefits 

If you pay childcare costs we may be able to ignore up to £175 (for one child) and £300 (for two or more children) of your earnings when we work out your entitlement to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.   

For more information visit the Help with Childcare Costs page.

Free School Meals

All pupils in reception classes to Year 2 are now eligible for free school meals in Torfaen. It will be rolled out to older year groups in primary schools from September 2023.

Pupil Development Grants 

A Welsh Government grant for low-income families to help with costs including uniform, footwear and extra-curricular activities. For more info visit the Pupil Development Grants area of our website. 

Swap Don’t Shop 

Torfaen Council’s Early Years team runs Swap Don’t Shop events for pre-school children, Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm at:

  • Cwmbran Integrated Children’s Centre, Ton Road, NP44 7LE
  • Penygarn Integrated Children’s Centre, Penygarn, Pontypool, NP4 8JR
  • Blaenavon Integrated Children’s Centre, Middle Coed Cae Road, Blaenavon, NP4 9AW.

Nothing to swap? Please don’t worry, just take items and swap when you can. For more information, visit Torfaen Early Years on Facebook.

Education Maintenance Support 

Weekly £30 support for fulltime students aged 16, 17 or 18 before 31 August. For more information visit 


Torfaen Family Information Service  

Provides free impartial information and advice on services and facilities for children, young people and families, including parents-to-be, in Torfaen. We can also direct parents/carers to information about other support services or organisations according to individual enquiries. Visit

Last Modified: 08/12/2022
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