Open Data

Unless otherwise stated, the data on this page is published under the Open Government Licence and is available for you to re-use as you like, including for commercial and research activities. We understand that we are at the start of a journey to make more information open and that we realise that at the moment we have a way to go to improve the accessibility of our data. We will try to improve the ease by which our data can be accessed as we update our webpages.

At the moment, much of our information is available in a 'human-readable' format (such as PDF) and we are still working on the best formats and processes to use. Our intention is to increase the amount of data available in ‘machine-readable' formats (such as CSV or XML).

We are also very keen to hear about any datasets that you would find particularly useful, as this will allow us to prioritise what we release. Please contact the Public Service Development Manager.

Personal data

Protecting your personal data is of paramount importance to us. We are only publishing data which contains no personal data or where any personal data has been removed. Publishing data will not impact on our obligations in adhering to the Data Protection Act.

Last Modified: 17/03/2021
For more information contact:

Public Service Development Manager

Tel: 01495 742157


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