Councillors Expenses and Allowances

This page shows the expenses and allowances claimed by Torfaen County Borough Councillors.  The amounts that Councillors are entitled to is regulated by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales.

All Councillors are entitled to claim the basic allowance (which is currently set at £16,800) to reflect the work they do as local representatives.

The independent Remuneration Panel has determined that some posts for example the Leader, Deputy Leader, Cabinet Members, Scrutiny and other Committee Chairs such as Planning and Licensing, have special responsibilities over and above other Councillors.  These posts entitle Councillors to claim Special Responsibility Allowances.  A care allowance is also available for those with dependents.

Travel expenses are claimed by Councillors to cover their costs when they are travelling away from home or Torfaen premises on Council business (for example if they attend all wales seminars or Committee meetings).  Other expenses may be claimed to cover the costs incurred of (for example) refreshments which are necessary as a result of their Council business.

Torfaen publishes all the expenses claimed by Councillors. The Councils Scheme of Members’ Remuneration sets out the allowances and expenses which may be claimed.  The Scheme complies with all relevant legislation and the determinations on allowances in reports published by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales.  The Panel’s view was that they felt ‘strongly that the role of Councillor across Wales should be respected as a professional one’.  A copy of the Notice Regarding Councillors' Allowances is available here.

You can download a copy of the expenses and allowances claimed below:

Download a copy of the Members Remuneration Schedule which details what members can claim in the current year.

A number of Torfaen County Borough Councillors are also compensated financially for the work they undertake representing the Council on other public organisations. The organisations are as follows:

The expenses section of each organisation can be viewed from the links above.

Last Modified: 21/07/2023
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