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Local Development Plan

Torfaen LDP Newsletter - March 2016

Download a copy of the Torfaen Local Development Plan (LDP) Newsletter - March 2016 or Cynllun Datblygu Lleol Torfaen (CDLl) Newyddlen - Mawrth 2016 here.

Download a copy of the Torfaen Local Development Plan (LDP) Newsletter - January 2015 or Cynllun Datblygu Lleol Torfaen (CDLl) Newyddlen - Ionawr 2015 here.

Adopted Torfaen LDP

Extraordinary Council on 3rd December 2013 Adopted the Torfaen LDP as amended by the Inspector's Report. Therefore, the Adopted Torfaen LDP is now the 'development plan' for Torfaen and is the basis for land use planning within the County Borough. The Gwent Structure Plan and Torfaen Local Plan have therefore been superceded by the Adopted Torfaen LDP. The new colour published version of the Adopted Torfaen LDP Written Statement is now available to download.

In conjunction with the above written documentation, accompanying Proposal Maps in the form of the Adopted Torfaen LDP Northern Proposals Map and Adopted Torfaen LDP Southern Proposals Map should also be used. A further plan known as the Adopted Torfaen LDP Constraints Map is also available which illustrates potential constraints to development planning. This map however does not contain any proposals or planning policy information.

The Council published the Notice of Adoption in the local press on 11th December 2013.

Copies of the Adopted Torfaen LDP Written Statement, the Inspector’s Report, the Sustainability Appraisal Report (incorporating the environmental report) (see section below), the Consultation Report and the Adoption Statement indicating how the environmental report etc. has been taken into account are available for inspection free of charge, during normal office / opening days and hours at: -

  • Planning & Public Protection Offices, Ty Blaen Torfaen, New Inn;
  • Main Reception, Civic Centre Pontypool; and
  • All public and mobile libraries in Torfaen.

A short Summary Leaflet is also available which covers the headline aspects of the Adopted Torfaen Local Development Plan, it's strategies and proposals. The leaflet is available in both English and Welsh

Sustainability Appraisal Report (incorporating environmental report)

The Sustainability Appraisal Report (incorporating Focused Changes) (March 2012) as amended by the SA Addendum of Further Focused Changes (December 2012), SA Addendum of recommended Matters Arising Changes and Matters Arising Changes (July 2013) and the SA Addendum of Inspector’s Changes (December 2013) comprise the Sustainability Appraisal Report of the final LDP.  Details are included in the following documents:

A copy of the Agenda for the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 3 December 2013 (Agenda Item 6) can be downloaded here.

Other Local Development Plan Documents

For a list of documents published as part of the LDP process, please visit our Publications webpage. 

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