Supplementary Planning Guidance

What is Supplementary Planning Guidance?

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) are documents produced by the Council to give guidance to the public, applicants and developers when making planning applications. SPG provides supplementary information in respect of the policies in the local Development Plan. It is a means of setting out more detailed thematic or site specific guidance on how these policies will be applied in particular circumstances or areas. SPGs are one of the 'material considerations' taken into account when determining planning applications.

SPG can take the following forms:

  • Topical guidance such as shop front design or biodiversity
  • Site specific guidance such as development frameworks or development briefs; and
  • Numerical guidelines or thresholds which may change during the plan period, such as car parking standards, so as to avoid the current plan becoming too quickly updated. This does not however include where these targets are key policy such as targets for future housing provision

The Updated Planning Obligations SPG (September 2016)

New development inevitably has an impact on its surrounding area and community. The planning system aims to address any negative impacts and where possible deliver community and / or environmental benefits through planning obligations. The Council have produced Supplementary Planning Guidance to explain how planning obligations are used and set out expectations from new development.

The SPG refers to a wide range of matters that may be the subject of planning obligations. Not all of these matters will be relevant to every planning application. The Council will consider the issues that are relevant on a case by case basis, taking into account the nature of the development proposal, the site and the local context. It does not replace the negotiation of planning obligations as each application will continue to be considered on its individual merits.

The Planning Obligations SPG in its entirety (including individual annexes) is available to download here. For ease of use, the individual annexes are also available to download at the links below:

Further documents available to download in relation to this Planning Obligations SPG are as follows:

Administration and Monitoring Fee for S106 Agreements

The Council on 28 June 2011 has resolved to introduce a separate fee system applicable to planning applications which require the processing and monitoring of a Section 106 legal agreement. The fee charged will contribute towards the administrative and professional resources required within the Planning Department to provide the planning service. The Administration and Monitoring Fee for S106 Agreements document is available to download.

Other adopted SPG documents

Further documents adopted by the Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance are available to download below and / or available to purchase in hard copy by contacting the Forward Planning team:

Blaenavon Industrial Landscape World Heritage Site Design Guide (April 2011)
Cost for hard copy (in colour): £14.00 (including postage and packaging)

Clarence Corner Development Brief (2003) (only available to purchase in hard copy)
Cost for hard copy: £6.50 (including postage and packaging)

Development and its Incorporation within the Landscape: A Guide for Developers (2000)
Cost for hard copy: £6.50 (including postage and packaging)

Henllys Policy Statement
Cost for hard copy: £6.50 (including postage and packaging)

Replacement Dwellings in the Countryside (2004)
Cost for hard copy: £6.50 (including postage and packaging)

South Sebastopol Adopted Development Framework (2004)
Cost for hard copy: £26.50 (including postage and packaging)

Trevethin Community School Development Brief (2011)  

TCBC/CSS Wales: Wales Parking Standards (2014)
Cost for hard copy: £5.00 (including postage and packing)

Other Documents

Cwmavon Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (April 2011)

Inspector’s Report on the Local Plan for the County Borough of Torfaen (1999) 
Cost for hard copy: £30

Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Proposals

Blaenavon Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (October 2017)

Further Information

Further information regarding SPG can be obtained by contacting the Forward Planning or Development Management teams within Torfaen.

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