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If you would like to be notified of future consultations on the preparation of the LDP you will need to register your interest and hereby give your permission to be included on our LDP Consultation Database. Please fill in the registration form and email or submit a written copy to the addressees indicated on the form.

Candidate Sites Register (December 2018)

As required by the LDP Regulations, between 6th August and 1st October 2018, the Council invited submissions from organisations, developers, landowners and the public for sites that could be included for new development, re-development or protection in the Replacement Torfaen LDP. A total of 94 ‘Candidate Sites’ were submitted, which have been published (for information only) in this Candidates Sites Register’ (December 2018). Given the file size the register has been split into two documents and can be accessed using the links below:

The Register is also available for inspection at the Councils offices (Ty Blaen Torfaen, New Inn and Civic Centre, Pontypool) and at Blaenavon, Pontypool and Cwmbran Libraries during normal opening hours.

The sites will now be considered by the Council against a ‘Three Stage Site Assessment Methodology’ for potential inclusion within the Replacement LDP. Details of this assessment and timescales are set out in the Register. The assessment results will be published in the two ‘Candidate Sites Assessment’ reports, one with the ‘Replacement Torfaen LDP: Preferred Strategy’ (October 2019) and the other with the ‘Deposit Replacement Torfaen LDP’ (August 2020).

The Council may, in exceptional circumstances, update this Register if it accepts any further candidate sites and if there is time for the site to be assessed.

Important: Sites included in this Register are only part of the Replacement LDP information gathering process; and their inclusion should NOT be interpreted as a commitment from the Council that they are developable OR that they will be taken forward into the Replacement LDP.

Delivery Agreement

The Delivery Agreement for the Replacement Torfaen Local Development Plan was agreed by Welsh Government on 27th June 2018.  This means that work can formally commence on the replacement LDP. The Delivery Agreement sets out how the replacement LDP is to be prepared and includes a timetable for Plan preparation and a community involvement scheme. The Revised LDP will cover the 2018-2033 period. An Easy Read version of the Delivery Agreement has also been prepared.

Local Development Plan Review Report (January 2018)

The Council adopted its Local Development Plan (LDP) in December 2013.  The plan guides the development and use of land in the County Borough until 2021.  To ensure that Local Development Plans are kept up-to-date, local planning authorities are required to commence a review of their LDPs at least once every four years following adoption, or sooner if the findings of the Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR) indicate significant concerns with a plan’s implementation.

A review of the Torfaen Local Development Plan commenced in 2017; and the first step was the publication of the LDP Review Report in April 2018.  In summary, a plan review report should be based upon the findings of the published LDP AMRs, significant contextual changes since adoption, a review of the current LDP performance, required updates to the evidence base, etc. Then, following stakeholder consultation on these matters and the form of the plan review, and the consideration of any responses received by Council, culminated in the publication of the Torfaen LDP Review Report, which can be viewed here.

The Draft Review Report was subject to 6 weeks consultation, with over 100 stakeholders, between 31st January and 14th March 2018; and 21 responses were received. The summary of consultation responses, incorporating the Council’s comments and recommendations on them, which were agreed by Council on the 17th April 2018, can be viewed in the Torfaen LDP Draft Review Report of Consultation document.

The Council is also required to publish the evidence the Review Report was based upon; which are the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Torfaen LDP Annual Monitoring Reports, which can be found on the Annual Monitoring Report page.

Based on the evidence contained in the Review Report, it is concluded that the LDP should be revised and that this should take the form of a full revision procedure.

At its meeting on 17th April 2018, Torfaen County Borough Council approved the commencement of a full revision to its Local Development Plan, which will result in a brand new LDP for Torfaen for the period up to 2033.

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