Planning an Event

Planning an event should include seeking advice from relevant authorities or agencies, permission from the landowner, risk assessments and the identification of measures to maintain the duty of care for those attending the event and those being employed or volunteering to set up and run the event.

It is very important to plan early, especially if you anticipate that there may be issues around licensing, closing a road, insurance, food safety etc. Some of these issues, in particular road closures and licensing are subject to time constraints.

Licensing Information

If your event involves alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshments and the event is under 499 persons (which includes staff) you need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice. If the event is over 500 people you need to apply for a Premises Licence.

Further information on all aspects of licensing is available in the Licensing area of the website.

Food Safety  

Further Information is available in the food hygiene and safety area of the website or from the Food Standards Agency website.

Traffic Management & Road Closures

The Event Safety Advisory Group can offer advice to event organisers on planning their event and to minimise any impact on the public highway.

Should you require any further information about traffic management, road closures, or wish to enquire about the current status of any existing road closure applications, please contact the Highways Traffic & Engineering Group on 01495 762200.

Counter Terrorism and Event Preparedness

Each event organiser must have consideration of the publicly accessible locations guidance as part of their Counter Terrorism preparedness. Event organisers should consider the event they are organising, identify if there are any specific hazards or attack methodologies that may be relevant to their event and implement relevant mitigation. The guidance helps organisers through this process.

ACT E-Learning on Counter Terrorism

Event organisers should complete the ACT online training to raise their awareness and preparedness. Its recommend the event organiser, safety officer and any security or stewarding staff have completed this training.

Torfaen Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG)

Torfaen Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) is an advisory group whose members include Torfaen County Borough Council, Gwent Police, South Wales Fire and Rescue and the Welsh Ambulance Service.

The purpose of the group is to provide a single point of contact for event organisers, discuss the public safety issues relating to an event and provide relevant advice.

The group has no legal powers, as an advisory group it cannot give consent or approval for an event to take place but will advise the event organiser on public safety issues which may need to be addressed.

You should notify Torfaen ESAG if any of the following apply to your event:  

  • it is held outdoors with large crowds, i.e. public entertainment, large number of vehicle movements, fireworks or bonfire, festivals, celebrity, VIP etc.
  • it is a major sporting event - first time or routine sporting fixtures
  • it is an indoor event with large crowds for example, popular music events, political or religious gatherings
  • it is a town centre event
  • it is a march or parade, cycling or running event
  • it is a street party
  • it is a community fete

SAG notification forms should be submitted at least eight weeks before your event to give the group time to consider the information and provide advice.

How do I notify the ESAG of my event?

You can submit your event to the Safety Advisory Group here. The information required will be dependent on the options selected on the form and once submitted will inform the appropriate Officers. 

For further advice or to discuss an event with the Event Safety Advisory Group, please contact 01495 762200 or email:

What happens after the Council received my event notification?

The relevant ESAG members will assess the information received and if necessary will advise you of the steps you should take for planning your event, and may invite you to attend the next meeting of the ESAG.

Useful Links for Event Organisers

Last Modified: 08/11/2022
For more information contact:

Torfaen Safety Advisory Group

Tel: 01495 762200


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