Event planning and counter terrorism considerations

Torfaen County Borough Council, Gwent Police and Wales Extremism & Counter Terrorism Unit are working together to provide event organisers with advice and support on how to mitigate the threat from terrorism when planning an event in the Torfaen County Borough area. Although we think our event is safe, the threat from terrorism is real and unfortunately increasingly unpredictable, with public spaces and crowded areas being an attractive target for terrorists.

For current threat level in the UK please visit:  https://www.gov.uk/terrorism-national-emergency

We would like you to consider what 'you' can do to reduce your risk and mitigate against the impact of such an attack. Having effective planning in place can greatly reduce the likelihood of an attack.  We appreciate not all events are the same, for example:

  • Smaller events such as village fete should consider adding CT considerations into their Event Management Plan/Risk Assessment.  It could be covered at stewards’ briefings and supplemented with the short online training: ‘CT training at your kitchen table’ - https://ct.highfieldelearning.com provided by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.
  • Larger events such as large music events/festivals/food festivals/Sports Stadia etc., a fully worked Event Security Plan with regular exercises would be required.   

You may be familiar with putting together a plan for your event and will know how to address many of the requirements around safety, but you may not be so familiar with security issues and terrorism in particular. Here are some of the things we would like you to consider when putting your plan together, this is not an exhaustive list and at the end of this document we have signposted you to websites where more information can be obtained.

Security Planning

Depending on the type and size of your event you may need to produce an event security plan that considers the risk/threat of a terror attack. If you are unsure your local regulators such as Gwent Police, Local Authority or the Torfaen Event Safety Advisory Group can advise you on the appropriate and proportionate steps you should take when planning your event. Key issues for inclusion could be:

  • Before the event, how will you advertise it, be careful not to give too much information out that might assist a terrorist in planning an attack. Consider what can be included to deter this. We call this deterrence communications (visit Communication - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk))
  • Your site itself, starting from the approach, the perimeter to inside where the event is taking place. What are the risks and what can you do to mitigate against them?
  • Communications are key to managing an incident. Are your communications ‘fit for purpose? It’s not just about how you communicate with your staff but also the public.
  • If you are organising a large or mass participation event, consider running security or CT desk-top exercise scenarios involving the event management team before the event.
  • Training for both paid staff and volunteers. There is some excellent free online ACT Awareness E-Learning training - ‘CT training at your kitchen table’ to raise awareness and to empower your staff. To register for online training see the link at the end of this leaflet.

Torfaen Event Safety Advisory Group strongly recommend planning for a terrorist incident and may ask you for details of your Event Security Plan when considering your application.

Below are the websites where you can obtain further information to mitigate terrorist attack and help you to develop your Event Security Plan.

www.protectuk.police.uk (See publicly accessible locations guidance) to help you to inform and develop your Event Security Plan. This website also contains other national guidance and details of important products which are free of charge).

www.cpni.gov.uk – Further advice on protective security measures.

‘CT training at your kitchen table’ -  https://ct.highfieldelearning.com  The international award-winning ACT Awareness e-Learning was developed in partnership with retail giant Marks and Spencer and Highfield Learning.

The interactive course, which is available to companies or private individuals, takes just 45 minutes to complete and can be done all in one go or in short modules. It explains how to spot the signs of suspicious behavior and what to do to help yourself, others and the emergency responders if an attack should take place.

Last Modified: 08/11/2022
For more information contact:

Torfaen Safety Advisory Group

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