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Remploy Employment Services is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist employment support for disabled and disadvantaged people.

We are passionately committed to inclusion and equality in the workplace. By recognising the fundamental role that employers and other organisations play in delivering sustainable employment, Remploy work with disabled people to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to build enduring careers.

To compliment the support we offer to disabled people, we have developed a wide range of solutions that will support employers to successfully achieve the inclusion aspects of their CSR agenda and a diverse workforce.

We have an extensive branch and office network across England, Scotland and Wales, providing jobseekers, employers and partners with access to our services.

Over the last four years, we have found jobs for more than 45,000 disabled and disadvantaged people, and with over 65 years’ experience, we are the trusted specialist disability partner to businesses, organisations, and service providers

Where is it available?

Our Torfaen office is in Gwent House, Cwmbran

Who is it for?

If you have a disability or health condition and want to start or get back to work then Remploy can help you get the job that's right for you.

We have branches and offices up and down the country, which are fully accessible and have a wide range of adaptive technologies, to ensure that everyone can take part in our development and recruitment activities.

One of our experienced and supportive advisors will work with you to help you:

  • Develop your skills
  • Find a career path that will take you where you want to go
  • Become more confident about work
  • Find work experience/placements
  • Practice for interviews, complete applications
  • Write a winning CV and search for jobs in your area.

We support thousands of jobseekers each and every year to move into all sorts of satisfying and sustainable jobs with lots of different employers.

We've helped people to start careers in retail and administration roles, contact centre jobs, cleaning and facilities management, warehousing and logistics, catering and much more. We'll help you make the most of your abilities, so you can enjoy the benefits of being in work.

Our Enterprise Development Service offers advice and support to set up your own business or become self-employed, if that is what you really want to do.

If you're a veteran, then we can support you to adapt your skills and abilities and find a civilian career.

Remploy also support young people to get their first foot on the career ladder, whether that be after leaving school or college or university

What can it offer?

Whatever your employment goals, Remploy will give you all the support, guidance and confidence you need to achieve them.

Remploy has partnerships with people like Mind, Mencap and Changing Faces, who all provide specialist support to our jobseekers, should they need it.

We work with lots of employers, from large corporates to small businesses and they want to employ Remploy candidates as they know they are hard working and committed to the job. We can even offer employers funding for recruiting Remploy candidates through the Wage Incentive Scheme.

We'll work with you to develop your transferrable and vocational skills, which will give you the best chance of getting the job you want; no matter if you've never worked before, or have been out of work for a while. We'll help you make the most of the skills you already have and equip you with new ones that we know employers are looking for.

Our advisors will help you to create or update your CV and practice for interviews. Then we'll support you to find and apply for suitable jobs, with access to useful resources like newspapers, internet and telephones in our branches to help you.

Then once you've started work, we'll keep in touch with you through our in-work support service, helping you to do well in your new role and progress in your career. We can also support you to access funding and support for reasonable adjustments, should you need any adaptations or special equipment to do your job.

Why is the scheme important?

Remploy’s mission is to transform the lives of disabled people and those who experience complex barriers to work by providing sustainable employment opportunities.

We believe in greater inclusion and equality for disabled people through sustainable employment.

We believe that work is a key element of an independent and fulfilling life, and that everyone has skills and abilities to offer. We work extensively with people to help them to identify, develop and make the most of those abilities.

To achieve this goal, our Employment Services have invested significant resources into supporting disabled people and those experiencing complex barriers to work into mainstream employment. We have a network of more than 64 town and city centre branches and offices and a comprehensive range of tailored support services provided through them.

We recognise the fundamental role that leading employers play in delivering sustainable employment. We also recognise that employing disabled people delivers real social and economic value for business. So, by helping employers to better understand and act upon the benefits of employing disabled people, in effect transforming business, we can help to transform the lives of individuals.

Main contacts:

Melanie Thomas - Branch Manager - 07939 537 517 -

Leila Middlehurst-Evans - Account Manager - 07903 347 957 -

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