Building Resilient Communities

The Building Resilient Communities team works closely with the CFW & CFW + to provide a package of wrap around support.  This includes practical and emotional support to help individuals and families to overcome the challenges that difficult events in life can present. 

The impact of Covid 19 over recent months has brought worries about health, bereavement, employment, finances and for those with children additional worries around home schooling and keeping them entertained, especially with the summer holidays ahead!  

The support provided is client centred and works with the client to find ways to adapt and overcome these challenges though personal growth. This can be done via group sessions and 1-1 sessions. 

The sessions focus on:-

  1. Physical and mental wellbeing and ways to manage stress
  2. Building confidence through positive and supportive guidance and planning next steps
  3. Looking at financial worries: budgeting, ways to increase income, grants to tackle immediate financial hardship
  4. Provide support to parents to help their children to reach their potential, by building on parenting skills and promoting emotional stability
  5. Goal setting looking at opportunities for learning/ training and employment

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Last Modified: 01/08/2022
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