Risk Monitoring

As part of the duties placed upon us by the new Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009, there is no longer a requirement to establish an agreed Joint Risk Assessment with our external regulators. However, we still need to demonstrate we have appropriate arrangements in place for the strategic and operational management of our corporate and services functions.

The Council’s service improvement planning process now incorporates a format for identifying our potential risks. The format requires service areas to identify any risks associated with the delivery of activities in their annual service plans, and assign each identified risk with a level, ranging from low to very high, based on the potential impact and likelihood of that risk occurring.

All service areas propose mitigating actions to address the identified risks linked to their service activities and the Corporate Plan outcomes. The effectiveness of these mitigating actions is monitored during the year and the level of each risk reassessed so the Council is aware of any potential threats to service provision or lost opportunities.

A copy of the Council’s current Risk Register can be viewed here.

Last Modified: 02/03/2022
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