Winter Maintenance Resources

Winter Maintenance Fleet

Our winter maintenance fleet includes:

  • Seven large gritting vehicles which can be fitted with snow ploughs
  • Two small gritting vehicles
  • Two mini ploughs


The rock salt used by the Council is conventional 6mm rock salt. 

Salt bins

We currently have over 700 salt bins located throughout Torfaen. These bins are supplied and maintained for the public to use as a first response to ice or snow on adopted roads and footways only. Bins are not supplied to private streets and the salt from the bins should not be used on private driveways or paths. Salt is available to purchase from local builders merchants for use on private property.

The bins are located at known problem areas such as areas with steep gradients or sites prone to icing. Bins are not normally located in flat areas where roads can usually be travelled, with care, even in the worst conditions. New bins are not usually located on roads which already form part of the main gritting routes and a minimum distance of 100m between bins is considered sensible.

Each year we can only afford to purchase a set number of new bins. Some are used to replace missing and damaged existing bins and the remainder are available to meet new requests . New bins can be requested by contacting Call Torfaen on 01495 762200. Each request will be considered and prioritised and a new bin allocated if the request is successful, depending on bin availability. Unfortunately, vandalism and abuse means we have less bins available to meet new requests each winter. Please report any incidents to us or the Police.

The bins are routinely filled at the start of each winter and after major snow events. If you would like us to replenish your local salt bin, please contact Call Torfaen on 01495 762200. In times of salt shortages, as have happened in recent years, salt bins may not be refilled in order to preserve stocks for the treatment of the main gritting routes.

Finally, please use the salt from the bins sparingly. The salt only needs to be spread thinly to be effective; putting some in a bucket and spreading with a small scoop or gloved hand is the most effective method. Lying snow should be cleared first if possible before applying the salt.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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