Highway Asset Management Plan

The council has recently approved a Highway Asset Management Plan which means:

  • we will record and report how we will manage our highway assets
  • we will commit to establishing affordable standards within current agreed budgets
  • we will communicate to the public about what highway asset service to expect

The implementation of the HAMP will support:

  • the need to manage budget pressures
  • the aims of the Council’s Corporate plan 2016-2021

Note: The HAMP only related to the council’s obligations as a Highway Authority and therefore only includes those assets on the publicly adopted highway. Private streets and roads transferred to social landlords are not included the extents of the adopted highway are available via the Council’s web site.

Download a copy of the Highway Asset Management Plan 2019-2025 here.

Download a copy of the Highway Asset Management Plan 2019-2025 - Executive Summary here.


Highway asset is defined as any structure, system, construction or land associated with the adopted highway.

Highway asset management is defined as:

  • A strategic approach that identifies the best way to allocate resources to operate, manage, preserve and enhance the highway infrastructure today and in the future
  • A proven way to demonstrate effective management of the highway network by providing significant financial understanding
Last Modified: 12/07/2019
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