Recycling Hubs are changing

Posted on: Tuesday 14 May 2024

From Friday 24 May, the locations in Torfaen where residents can collect recycling boxes, bags and caddies will change. 

This change is to make sure residents can get recycling containers when they need them, and there will be delivery arrangements for those who face barriers to collecting containers. 

Due to supply issues, and a minority of people misusing containers, there was a need to review the way in which the council provides recycling containers. 

Stock levels at the new hubs will be controlled by staff on site, and there will be a limit to the number of items each resident can collect. Only two of each item can be collected per visit.   

This new approach will improve the availability of containers by ensuring the hubs are always adequately stocked, with deliveries planned twice a week.   

Recycling containers will only be available from the following four hubs from Friday 24 May: 

  • The Blaenavon World Heritage Centre  
  • Civic Centre in Pontypool  
  • Household Recycling Centre in New Inn  
  • Cwmbran Library    

For residents who are blue badge holders, on assisted collections, or are genuinely unable to visit the four hubs due to medical reasons, the items can be delivered by completing an online request form which will go live from Friday 24 May.  Residents can also call the contact centre on 01495 762200 to request a delivery.

Councillor Sue Morgan, the newly appointed Executive Member for Waste and Sustainability, said: “We know it is frustrating when residents visit the current recycling hubs and there is nothing in stock.  

That’s why we are concentrating supplies on a smaller number of hubs for the time being. 

“This new process will ensure a steady supply of containers and allow for greater stock control and regular deliveries. This means there should always be stock available when residents visit which will help us continue to Raise the Rate of recycling in Torfaen. 

“Residents who have genuine difficulty in accessing the hubs can complete an online form to request delivery or call the contact centre to discuss. 

“We appreciate that most people only take the items they need, but the current system has been uncontrollable and inefficient.  

“Unfortunately, we are aware of some people using boxes and bags for a variety of purposes for which they are not intended.   

 "Resitdents are welcome to provide feedback regarding this change and councillors and officers will review the success of these changes going forward.” 

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