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We are committed to providing clear information about social care services to all people in Torfaen who may need support now or at a future date.

We also aim to make information readily available to the health and social care professionals who are responsible for organising services for vulnerable people in the borough.

Our information leaflets tell people about the services on offer. We also set out our charging policy and the eligibility criteria we use to establish whether people are eligible to be considered for services and to ensure that those with the greatest needs are given the highest priority.

Click on the links below to view our current leaflets

All publications are available on request and can be provided free of charge. If you would like to order any of the information please email

If you need information in an accessible format e.g. large print, Braille, a language other than English or on audio tape, please contact Torfaen Customer Care on 01495 762200.

Last Modified: 22/01/2022
For more information contact:

Social Care & Housing

Tel: 01495 762200


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