Role of Torfaen County Borough Council

What is the role of Torfaen County Borough Council Emergency Management Service?

  • Torfaen County Borough Council's Emergency Management Service can offer general advice on Business Continuity and Risk Management.
  • We can also provide information on sources for more specific advice and/or assistance.
  • We cannot prepare your plans for you as you know your business and the critical processes.
  • We usually offer advice free of charge

The Business Continuity Process

  • Understanding your business and key business objectives
  • Identify key activities and staff working within those areas
  • Identify single points of failure
  • Identify the potential threats
  • Assess the risk both internal and external
  • Calculate the impact
  • Review the results
  • Plan to reduce the likelihood or reduce the impact
  • Train your staff
  • Exercise the plan
  • Audit the results and review regularly
  • Which of your critical services would be jeopardised if your facility was evacuated for a week/month with all access denied
  • How many staff would be needed to cover critical tasks and how would you accommodate them?
  • How would you continue to operate if a large number of staff were absent due to ill health , e.g. a flu pandemic?
  • Have you an alternative building in which to work effectively? Is this sufficient? Can staff work from home?
  • Do you need access to any services not currently available at your temporary site?
  • Do you use any special software or stationary such as forms? How long can you manage without and how long would it take to replenish your stocks?

Your plan should answer all of the above questions and others.

Last Modified: 11/02/2022
For more information contact:

Emergency Management
Tel: 01495 762200

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