Flooding in Torfaen can be caused by prolonged heavy rainfall, high river levels, blocked culverts and drains and sudden downpours leading to flash flooding and surface water build up.

Torfaen County Borough Council understands the impact flooding can have on the community and business premises and tries to ensure that effective arrangements are in place to co-ordinate resources in both preventing flooding and responding to requests from the community.

Make sure you are prepared

Flooding can happen very quickly and unexpectedly so the time to think about what you would do in the event of flooding is now. Don't leave it until you are already flooded. The better prepared you are the easier you will find it to cope with the effects of flooding.

  • Find out the likelihood of flooding in your area. Visit the Natural Resources Wales website for more information.
  • Check your insurance documents are up to date and that you are adequately covered in the event of a flood.
  • Try and store valuables and other sentimental items in a high cupboard or upstairs.
  • Make sure you know where and how to turn off your Gas, electric and water supplies.
  • Consider purchasing sand bags, or flood boards to direct water away from your property if flooding is a high risk.
  • Keep household documents upstairs in a safe place


There is no statutory requirement for local authorities to provide sandbags for flood protection to assist private residents or businesses. We will however assist where we can on a priority basis, within the resources we have available.

If you receive a flood warning

  • Check for flood warnings in your area by tuning into local radio and TV, contact the floodline number on 0345 988 1188 or visit the Natural Resources Wales website. Move valuables upstairs, check pets and move them to safety. If you can, move any vehicles to higher ground and any other items to safety.
  • Alert your neighbours.
  • If you have sandbags or flood boards put them in place.
  • Be prepared to turn off gas and electricity supplies.
  • If flooding is likely after darkness carry out preparations before while you still have light.

Flood safety

  • Floods can kill always try and remain safe. Don't walk or drive through flood water. Even very shallow fast flowing water can knock you over and two feet of water will float your car.
  • Floodwater is often contaminated with chemicals and sewage so avoid contact as much as possible and seek medical advice if you have been in contact with flood water.
  • Never try to swim through flood water. Not only might the water be contaminated but you could get swept away or struck by a floating object in the water.

Further information on the risks to health from contact with flood water can be found on the following sites:

Cleaning up

  • Contact your insurance company's emergency helpline and take advice on what you should do.
  • When it's safe ventilate your house by opening doors and windows but take care of security.
  • Contact your gas electric and water companies so that they can be tested before you turn them back on.
  • Always take advice from your insurance company and find out what you should do. They will normally send a loss adjuster to assess any damage to the property and its contents.
  • The insurance company should then arrange the disposal of contaminated items and replacements, and any work needed to the property following the flood.

Natural Resources Wales Flood Information Guides

Natural Resources Wales produces flood guidance and flood plan templates for homes, businesses, farms, schools and communities.

The guidance includes practical advice on preparing for a flood and what to do during and after a flood. This guidance is available to download from the Natural Resources Wales flood pages.

Five Day Flood Risk

A five-day flood forecast for England and Wales is now available from Natural Resources Wales. This shows, county by county, where there is a risk of flooding over the next five days. The five-day forecast is updated at least once a day and is available online on the Natural Resources Wales website. View the 5 day flood risk for Wales here.

Last Modified: 11/07/2023
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