Business Continuity Guidance for Fuel Shortages

Effective business continuity management is essential for organisations in ensuring that they can continue to deliver their priority services and in the longer term, survive during major business disruptions.

The fuel protests in 2000 which led to widespread fuel shortages and more recently in the summer of 2008 there were two, mainly localised, disruptions to fuel supplies in the UK following industrial action by workers in the energy sector. These events highlighted for many organisations the potential impact of fuel supply disruptions to their normal business activities.

Following these events and results of the 2008 National Capabilities Survey suggesting that organisations would find it difficult to deliver their critical activities in the event of a disruption of oil and fuel supplies over a period of ten days, the Cabinet Office and the Department of Energy and Climate Change have produced some short guidance to assist organisations in planning for such disruptions.

Guidance on Business Continuity Management for Fuel Shortages is available from the Cabinet Office.

Last Modified: 11/02/2022
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