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Many vehicles, which are reported as being abandoned to the Council, are in actual fact simply untaxed.

Are all untaxed vehicles abandoned? No, it is illegal to keep a vehicle with no current vehicle excise duty on the road. If you want to report a vehicle that has no excise duty displayed and is on the highway please inform the DVLA on 0870 2400010 or e-mail: vehicles.dvla@gtnet.gov.uk

If you know who owns it, it is unlikely to be classed as abandoned. 

When reporting an untaxed vehicle to the DVLA you will need to include:

  • Location of the vehicle
  • Make, model and colour
  • Registration Number


Diwygiwyd Diwethaf: 05/12/2018
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Tel: 0870 2400010

Email: vehicles.dvla@gtnet.gov.uk


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