Yellow bag (Nappies, stoma bags and adult hygiene waste)

Nappy and hygiene waste collection service

Residents with children in nappies, and adults who produce hygiene waste, can apply for a supply of heavy duty bags which will be collected on the same day as your purple lidded bin.

You will need to provide proof of residence in Torfaen (such as a utility bill), as well as a copy of the birth certificate for each child being signed up to the scheme.

Request a nappy or adult hygiene waste collection

What will be collected in my yellow bags?

  • Disposable nappies
    • All types and size
    • Training pants and pull ups
    • Swim pants
  • Nappy changing waste such as wet wipes, nappy sacks and cotton wool
  • Incontinence products
    • All types and size of pads, pants and pouches
    • Empty catheters, stoma / colostomy bags and tubing
    • Disposable chair pads and disposable bed pads, liners and pans

Please contact us if the type of incontinence product you use is not listed above.

What will not be collected in my yellow bags?

  • Sanitary waste (sanitary towels or tampons) – please put in the purple lidded bin
  • Infectious clinical waste, needles, sharps and syringes, medical or clinical waste - please speak to your local Health Board, district nurse team or call the NHS 111 Service 
  • Animal waste
  • Animal bedding – small amounts can be placed in the purple lidded bin, or might be suitable for home composting
  • Plaster casts
  • Plasters, medical swabs and dressings - please put in the purple lidded bin
  • Soiled blankets and clothing – please put in the purple lidded bin

What day will my bags be collected?

Use our mapping system to find your waste/recycling collection day.

Missed collections

If your yellow bags were not collected we will not return to collect it unless there was:

  • Access issues due to road works, major incidents or adverse weather such as snow
  • A missed assisted collection

The council will not return until your next scheduled collection for any other reason.

Bags need to be out before 7am on your collection day and placed where your property meets the pavement (or in your designated collection areas).

I need more yellow bags, what can I do?

You can visit one of our recycling container collection hubs which stock recycling boxes, bags, caddies and caddy liners if you need more. A maximum of two recycling boxes, caddies, or bags can be collected per visit.

If you are a blue badge holder, on assisted collections, or are genuinely unable to visit the hubs due to medical, or other reasons, the items can be delivered on request.

Request a recycling container

Last Modified: 24/05/2024
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