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Posted on: Friday 5 May 2023
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A new survey has been launched as part of a campaign to increase household recycling rates in Torfaen to 70 per cent. 

It comes after last month's consultation on plans to increase recycling by reducing purple-lidded bin collections was stopped, following residents' feedback.

Instead, Council Leader Anthony Hunt announced a new Raise the Rate campaign to increase recycling by working with residents, expanding kerbside recycling and more education and enforcement.  

You can tell us what you recycle and suggest ways of improving recycling rates by visiting our Get Involved Torfaen site. It will close on Friday June 2. 

Council Leader Anthony Hunt said: "We’ve come a long way in Torfaen over the last 20 years, raising our recycling rates from below 15 per cent to over 62 per cent. 

"Although Wales is leading the way, we still need to Raise the Rate to 70 per cent, to reduce waste and reach the target set by Welsh Government. If we are to do that, we need your help. 

"So I am asking you to tell us about your experiences of recycling and how you think we can all increase what we recycle. Your views will help inform what we can do as a council to increase recycling and how we can help individuals and communities to do more."

Currently, around 62 per cent of waste is recycling in Torfaen every year. 

Recent analysis of purple-lidded bin waste found that 60 per cent of the rubbish contained items that can be recycled at the kerbside, including food waste, cardboard and textiles.

Cllr Mandy Owen, Executive Member for the Environment, added: "The evidence suggests that if we all recycled everything that's collected at the kerbside, we will significantly increase recycling rates.

"We need to understand why people put certain items into their purple-lidded bins when they can be recycled and how we can help them make the changes.

"It's also important to remember that increasing recycling rates is one way we can all help to tackle climate change because reusing material from recycled products creates fewer emissions." 

The new Raise the Rate campaign will include an extensive public engagement and education campaign, as well as: 

  • Plans for more stretchy plastic collection points. 
  • A commitment to working with social landlords to increase recycling facilities at flats.
  • Improvements to the quality of the recycling service.
  • Investment in recycling facilities at Ty Coch.

You can part in the survey on Get Involved Torfaen anonymously or register to be kept updated about future surveys.

Find out what you can recycle in each box or bag on our website. 

You can also find more information about the Raise the Rate campaign here.

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