Private Fostering

Torfaen’s fostering team are currently seeking to raise awareness of private fostering. The Private Fostering legislation came in to support those who are involved in Private Fostering arrangements.

Private Fostering could involve you if:

  • you are looking after someone else’s child in your home in a private arrangement and you are not a close relative;
  • your child is being looked after in someone else’s home under a similar agreement;
  • the child is under sixteen – or eighteen if registered disabled;
  • the arrangement is planned to last beyond twenty eight days; and
  • the arrangement has been agreed without any involvement from Social Services.

If you think that this describes a situation in which you are currently involved then you are required to inform the local authority within forty eight hours of becoming aware of it.

If you planning to become involved in such an arrangement, you should inform the local authority at least six week’s prior to the arrangement commencing.

The Family Placement Team is able to advise anyone who thinks they might be affected by these legal requirements so if you have any queries or anxieties, please call 01495 766697.

Last Modified: 01/09/2022
For more information contact:

Family Placement Team

Tel: 01495 766697


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