Parent and Child Foster Placements

There are occasions whereby requests are made to accommodate a parent and their child. This could be as a result of previous parenting concerns with the family or a vulnerable parent requiring additional support. These types of foster placements are becoming increasingly more common due to them being requested by Courts.

By being able to accommodate a parent and child you will be providing the parent with the opportunity to parent their own child in a safe and stimulating environment. You will be expected to provide 24 hour supervision and assess the parenting capacity of the parent, which in turn will inform the decision making and care plan of the child.

Although this role can be both intensive and demanding it also has many rewards. April who has been a parent and child foster carer for the past 7 years states "The rewards are knowing that you have played a part in changing and empowering the parents to live independently and safely with their children."

As a parent and child foster carer you will receive regular support and supervision as well as a dedicated parent and child supervising social worker and a generous financial package. If you are interested in this type of fostering and require more information then please contact the Family Placement Team.

Last Modified: 01/09/2022
For more information contact:

Family Placement Team

Tel: 01495 766669


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