Storms & Gales

Follow these steps to limit damage and stay safe during periods of stormy weather.

Before the Storm

  • Secure any loose objects around your home and garden to stop them from blowing into windows and damaging your home.
  • Close and fasten doors, windows and shutters around the property taking extra care to make sure large doors such as garages are secure.
  • Close loft hatches or doors leading to the roof space
  • If possible park vehicles in a garage or keep them well away from buildings or trees.

During the Storm

  • Try to stay indoors
  • Do not go out to repair damage whilst the storm is in progress
  • If possible enter and leave your home on the sheltered side
  • Take care whilst driving especially on exposed routes or if driving a high sided vehicle. Delay your journey or choose a different route if possible.

After the Storm

  • Contact your Insurance company if there has been damage to your property or premises
  • Don't touch any cables that have been blown down
  • Make sure any vulnerable neighbours or relatives are safe and help them make arrangements for any repairs.

View more advice on severe weather and check for weather warnings on the Met Office website.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Emergency Management
Tel: 01495 762200

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