Heat Wave

Whilst most people will be looking forward to warmer weather over the summer, extreme heat can be dangerous and has the potential to affect health.

The current risk of a severe heatwave in Wales is relatively low, however during relatively mild heat waves, death rates are significantly raised in this country.

Who is at most risk

  • Older people, especially those over 75 and living either on their own or in a care home
  • People with chronic illness
  • Babies & small children

Health risks

In a severe heatwave you may suffer from heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Both of which require urgent treatment.

Visit the NHS Direct website for more information and the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

What you and your family/carer can do

  • Check that windows can be opened to ventilate rooms especially at night
  • Shade windows during the day by drawing curtains or blinds especially if they receive direct sunlight
  • Check you are in the coolest room possible
  • Use an electric fan to circulate the air
  • Make sure you have access to cool no alcoholic drinks, and that you drink regularly
  • Spray cool water on yourself or have a flannel to cool you down
  • Plan cold menus and include foods with a high water content such as fruit and salads
  • Wear loose cotton clothing and wear a sun hat if you go outdoors

Looking after yourself and others during a heatwave

  • Keep out of the heat by avoiding the hottest part of the day (11am - 3pm). Keep strenuous outdoor activities such as sport, DIY, to cooler parts of the day. If you go out try to stay in shaded areas, wear a sun hat, light loose clothes, apply sunscreen, and remember to take plenty of water with you
  • Try to stay cool by staying inside in the coolest part of the building. Close curtains in rooms that get a lot of sun. Close windows during the day and open them at night when its cooler outside. Take cool showers or baths, and splash yourself several times a day with cold water
  • Drink regularly, even if you don't feel particularly thirsty avoiding alcohol, tea and coffee
  • Seek advice if you have any concerns Contact your doctor, a pharmacist or NHS Direct (0845 4647) if you're worried about your health during a heatwave, especially if you are taking medication, or have any unusual symptoms
Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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