Adults and Communities

The Adults & Communities Directorate was created to champion and strengthen the vital role that our communities play in improving health equity, individual wellbeing and the vibrancy of our local places. 

We want to support residents of Torfaen to lead a healthy, fulfilling and independent life within their local community. This includes the Council’s community connecting, reablement and adult social care functions.

We also work with our partners across Torfaen to help the growing number of community groups, organisations and volunteers who are essential to a thriving and healthy community. We work across Council departments to make sure that our services are organised around the community and are informed by the best data insight and business intelligence.

The Strategic Director for Adults & Communities is Dave Leech

The Service is divided into four Service Areas

  • Adult Services & Commissioning
  • Communities and Renewal
  • Customer, IT and Digital
  • Public Services Support Unit

Adult Services & Commissioning

Sarah Paxton is Head of Adult Services & Commissioning and has responsibility for 

  • Adult Social Care
  • Reablement
  • Assistive Technology
  • Community Meals
  • Commissioning

Communities and Renewal

Bethan McPherson is the Head of Communities and Renewal and has responsibility for 

  • Adult & Community Learning
  • Community Connectors
  • Community Development 
  • Employability & Skills Development
  • Foundational Economy
  • Greenmeadow Community Farm
  • Regeneration

Customer, IT and Digital

James Vale is the Head of Customer, IT and Digital and has responsibility for

  • Customer Care
  • Data & Research
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT engagement
  • Libraries
  • Service Redesign

Public Services Support Unit

Lyndon Puddy is Head of the Public Services Support Unit and has responsibility for

  • Civil Contingencies, Emergency Planning and Business Continuity
  • Community Safety, Cohesion & Refugee Resettlement 
  • Corporate Communications 
  • Elections
  • Engagement & Participation
  • Equalities & Welsh Language
  • Policy & Partnerships 
  • Registrars
  • School Catering & Cleaning
  • Strategic & Operational Housing
Last Modified: 12/04/2024
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