Changes to voting in Wales

There have been a few recent changes to the Welsh voting franchise. Firstly, sixteen and seventeen year olds can now vote in Senedd (Welsh Parliament) elections. Secondly, foreign nationals can also vote. Thirdly, the assembly has changed its name from the Welsh Assembly to Senedd Cymru or Welsh Parliament.

New Voters

Due to the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act 2020, 16 and 17 year olds as well as legally resident foreign nationals can now vote in Senedd elections. This means that during the May 2021 Senedd election, there will be an opportunity for thousands more voters to have their say. This presents an exciting opportunity for young people, as for the first time, they will have a hand in choosing who represents them in the Senedd. Young people’s new voting powers do not extend to UK general elections, as you still have to be 18 to vote in general elections.

More information on voting at 16 for Senedd elections is available here.

When Can I Register?

You can register now. Visit and follow the steps to register. You do not have to be 16 to register to vote. You can register from 14, unfortunately you will have to wait a little while to vote.

For further information visit the How to Register area of the website.

Senedd Cymru

The name change comes from the development of powers within our Welsh Parliament. With full law-making powers and the ability to vary taxes, the new name represents the Senedd’s development to a national parliament. For more information on this change, visit the Welsh Parliament website. Last Modified: 17/07/2020
For more information contact:

Electoral Registration

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