Becoming a Councillor

Have you thought about becoming a councillor?

  • Do you care passionately about your local community?
  • Is there something you want to change?
  • Are you ready to take challenging decisions?
  • Why not stand for what you care about and become a local councillor?

As a local councillor you will make decisions that touch the lives of everyone who visits, works or lives in Torfaen. It is important that local councils represent the full range of local opinion.

Councillors are elected by people in their community to represent them and make decisions on their behalf. Being a councillor is rewarding, challenging and enjoyable and you can change people’s lives for the better.

What does it involve?

Councillors spend at least three days a week on council business, but the work can be done around other jobs and family commitments.  

Full council meetings take place every 6 weeks. You may need to attend other meetings if you are appointed to a committee or group. Currently all meetings can be done virtually.

You will need to spend time in your community and communicate with residents.

County councillors get a basic salary of £14,368 (2021/2022), plus travel allowances and access to a pension scheme. Cabinet members, chairs of committees and other senior roles get paid more.

Almost anyone can be a councillor, and it’s very important that a range of different people are elected to represent different communities.

You can be a candidate if you are:

  • over 18
  • on the electoral register
  • have lived, worked or owned a property in the county borough for at least the past 12 months.

Wales need more councillors who are under 40, female, disabled, LGBTQ+, Black or Asian or from other minority groups and from a range of beliefs, cultures and personal circumstances.

Disabled candidates are also entitled to funding to help with any additional costs associated with their impairment, which could be a barrier to them standing as a councillor.

You are not eligible or may be disqualified if:

  • you work for the council or hold a politically restricted post with another local authority.
  • declare bankruptcy or a previous criminal conviction with a three-month or more prison sentence.

Prospective candidates should seek their own legal advice if they are unsure that they are eligible to stand.

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Last Modified: 02/09/2022
For more information contact:

Electoral Registration

Tel: 01495 766077


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