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20mph Speed Limits

The default speed limit in built-up areas in Wales is 20mph.

These include roads where streetlights are placed no more than 200 yards apart.

Some roads remained at 30mph, based on criteria issued by Welsh Government and local consultation.

You can see the list of 30mph exceptions here.

However, the Welsh Government is now reviewing the speed limit guidance provided to local authorities, which could mean the speed limit imposed on some roads is adjusted.  

The new guidance is expected to be issued in July this year. 

The process of adjusting any speed limits in Wales is expected to start from September, but will be dependent on funding, resources and completion of a statutory consultation process. 

Any correspondence received will be recorded in advance of the process starting will be recorded and considered in accordance with the new guidelines.   

If you believe the speed limit on a road in Torfaen should be increased or decreased, please contact explaining the reasons for the change. 

The Welsh Government is not planning to change the new default 20mph limit, so any requests for blanket removal will not be considered.  

The new default speed limit was introduced to make roads safer, reduce road collisions, encourage more people to walk and cycle, to improve health and wellbeing and to safeguard the environment for future generations. 

Last Modified: 03/05/2024
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