Safer at 20

20mph Speed Limits

From 17 September 2023, the default speed limit in built up areas in Wales will reduce from 30mph to 20mph.

These include roads where street lights are placed no more than 200 yards apart.

The legislation has been introduced to make roads safer, reduce road collisions, encourage more people to walk and cycle, to improve health and wellbeing and to safeguard the environment for future generations.

Local authorities have been asked to identify roads or sections of roads which they believe should remain at 30mph.

Torfaen Council has applied for 36 exceptions across the borough.

Temporary traffic orders, known as Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders, will be implemented along these within a week of being advertised and 30mph signs will be in place.

The orders can be in place for 18 months during which time the Council will assess if the decision to keep the speed limit at 30mph is working.

You can see the list of 30mph exceptions here.

Last Modified: 17/02/2023
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