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20mph Speed Limits

Is the 20mph speed limit in Torfaen being reviewed? 

The Welsh Government has announced it is reviewing the 20mph default speed limit legislation and expects to issue new guidance to local authorities in July this year. 

There are no plans to change the default speed limit in Wales, but the new guidance could mean speed limits on some roads in Torfaen are adjusted. 

The process of adjusting any speed limits in Wales is expected to start from September, but it will be dependent on funding, resources and completion of a statutory consultation process. 

If you believe the speed limit on a road in Torfaen should be increased or decreased, please contact explaining the reasons for the change. We will not be able to consider any requests to remove the default 20mph speed limit.  

Will the council have to pay for any new speed limits to be introduced? 

No, the Welsh Government has said it will fund the cost of adjusting any speed limits in the same way it paid for the cost of the default 20mph rollout. 

Will I still be fined if I don’t stick to the new limit? 

GoSafe and police partners are using a combination of engagement and enforcement.  

More information can be found on the GoSafe website

What if I think a road is the wrong limit? 

Not all 30mph roads changed to 20mph in September 2023. 

You can see the list of 30mph exceptions in Torfaen here or on the Data Map Wales site 

If you feel a 20mph road should be 30mph, or vice versa, you can contact 20mphenquiries@torfaen explaining the reasons for the change. 

The process of reviewing speed limits in Torfaen will begin after new Welsh Government guidance is issued in the summer.  

How do I know if a road is 20mph? 

If you are driving in a residential or built-up area, and there are streetlights, then drive at 20mph unless you see a sign telling you otherwise. 

There are gateway speed limit signs, the larger signs shown as you enter a different speed limit area, to clearly indicate the correct speed. 

Repeater signs, the small circle signs often seen on streetlights, are no longer allowed on roads where the default speed limit is 20mph.  

In any 20mph areas without streetlights, additional signs are in place to indicate the speed limit. 

Why was the default speed limit changed? 

The new default 20mph speed limit was introduced in September 20203, to make roads safer, reduce road collisions, encourage more people to walk and cycle, to improve health and wellbeing and to safeguard the environment for future generations. 

What impact has the new speed limit had? 

Early data published by Transport for Wales in February 2024 shows speeds have reduced by an average of 4mph since the national rollout. 

Monitoring continues and will be published as available. 

Last Modified: 03/05/2024
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