Pontypool Town Centre Regeneration

The Pontypool Economy and Renewal Team is responsible for helping to enhance the viability, vibrancy and attractiveness of Pontypool Town Centre. It does this through:

  • Long-term planning to ensure that the town can meet the changing needs of all its users
  • Working with businesses, landlords and local communities to identify and address specific issues affecting the town
  • Improving the town through a variety of economic, social and environmental projects.

The team works closely with other sections of Torfaen County Borough Council’s Economy, Enterprise and Environment area, as well as a wide range of other partners within the town, to deliver projects.

In 2008 Torfaen County Borough Council formally approved the Pontypool Town Centre Regeneration Strategy which sets the aims, objectives and actions for the regeneration of the town for the next 15-20 years. The Strategy objectives and action plan are due to be reviewed in 2017 to ensure that they remain relevant for the next 5 years.

Alongside the Regeneration Strategy, a Conservation Area Management Plan has been approved by the Council in order to ensure the important character and significance of the Conservation Area is maintained in the future. Anyone planning to undertake works in the Conservation Area should consult the Management Plan and Design Guide before submitting a planning application.

Working closely with partners, the team has been successful in receiving funding from the Welsh European Funding Office, Welsh Government, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Pontypool Regeneration Partnership to implement the first phase of actions identified in the above documents Key projects over the past 5-years have been:

  • The refurbishment of properties in the Town Centre through the Townscape Heritage Initiative
  • The improvement of the public realm (including surfaces, signs, street furniture) in the pedestrianised area of George Street and Commercial Street through the Pontypool Settlement Area Programme
  • The refurbishment of the Indoor Market through the Pontypool Settlement Area Programme
  • The creation of Community Walking and Cycling routes into Pontypool
  • The renovation and re-use of the Greyhound Pub
  • Delivery of the Pontypool Investment Fund. This has invested in Clarence Corner and Trosnant turning 4 vacant building into new residential units.

The updated Regeneration Strategy will provide an action plan of projects for the team to explore over the next 5 years.

Economy and Renewal (Pontypool) Team
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Last Modified: 15/08/2022
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