Stray Dogs

We collect stray dogs from the highway and other public places, and from local residents or Police stations that are holding a stray dog.

What to do if you find a stray dog

If you find a dog, you are required by law to inform the council so that we can add the details of the dog to our Stray Dog Register (which we are required by law to keep). We can then collect the dog from you and take it to our kennels.

If you want to keep a stray dog that you have found, you can sign a "retained dog" agreement with us. However, all costs of caring for the dog then fall to you, and if the owner of the dog makes an enquiry and can prove that the dog is theirs, you must hand it over. If, however, the owner does not claim the dog within 28 days, you can rightfully claim the dog as your own if you wish.

Re-homing unwanted dogs

Unfortunately, we are unable to re-home dogs that cannot be cared for by their owners.

We sometimes get asked to collect dogs as alleged strays that are obviously owned by the person asking us to collect the dog. We therefore require everyone handing us a stray dog to sign a form confirming that they are not the owner, and we may also ask neighbours etc. to see if they know the dog.

Where owners attempt to abandon their dog, we will consider whether we should prosecute the dog owner for abandonment under animal welfare legislation.

Reporting lost dogs

If you have lost a dog, you should contact our dog warden as soon as possible.

We keep a record of dogs lost and found in the Torfaen area where these are reported to us, and our staff will be pleased to check this record for you if your dog has been lost.

If we find your dog and can get your details from the microchip or collar, or you contact us before the dog is taken to kennels, we will try to return it to you without any penalty providing it has not been returned to you before. If the dog is found and you cannot be contacted, then your dog will have to be taken to the kennels to be looked after, and all usual charges will be payable.

Claiming your lost dog 

If the Animal Warden has picked up your dog and taken it to the kennels, we will normally try to contact you by letter and/or phone, providing your dog is micro-chipped or has a name tag. We do not re-home any dog until we have tried to identify and contact the owner, and until at least 7 days has passed.

If you reclaim your dog, you will be required to pay our collection fee (which includes a fixed £25 fine, as laid down in the legislation), any veterinary bills and the kennelling fees for the days that your dog has been cared for.

Re-homing stray dogs 

We are entitled to dispose of any dog that remains unclaimed after 7 days, whether or not we have been successful in contacting the owner. The owner remains liable for any outstanding fees and veterinary bills etc.

Wherever possible, dogs that are not claimed will be handed over to a re-homing charity, who work with us to make sure as many dogs as possible find good homes.

If a stray dog is ill or injured, we make sure that it is seen and treated by a vet. We try not to have any dogs put down, unless they are very ill, are deemed to be dangerous, or cannot be re-homed by our charity partners – and we always take the advice of a vet before we take this step.

Our fees

If we have your dog in our possession you will have to pay a fee for its release.  The current fees are as follows:

Release Fees
Number of Days in KennelReduced Release Fee (£)Full Release Fee from 2nd January 2019 (£)

Up to 24 hours
after impounding



2 Days



3 Days



4 Days



5 Days



6 Days



7 Days



From the 6th April 2016, it will be an offence to own a dog and not have it microchipped with up to date details. The Council will utilise all details obtained from a microchip to identify and inform a dog owner that their animal has been collected as a stray. However, all dogs that have been collected will be taken to the Council’s kennels and a fee will need to be paid to release the animal. If your dog is microchipped with correct ownership details then the release fee will be at the reduced rate.

If you dog is not microchipped or the details recorded on the microchip database are incorrect then the full release fee will be charged. However incorporated within this fee, the Council will provide free microchip implantation and registration for your dog or will ensure the any incorrect details recorded on a microchip database are updated.

You will need to pay all of the release fee at the Council’s kennelling facility before your dog can be released.

Contacting us

If you have lost or found a dog in the Torfaen area, you should contact our Animal and Pest Control Service on 01633 647621 / 647622.

Out of Hours Service

If you are holding a stray dog outside of normal office hours, you should contact our Control Room on 01495 762200 for instructions on how to take the dog to our kennels (or our vets if the dog is ill or injured). We don’t offer a dog collection service outside normal office hours, so you should ring us on 01633 647621 / 647622 on the next working day if you want us to catch or collect a stray dog.

Last Modified: 08/01/2019
For more information contact:

Animal & Pest Control

Tel: 01633 647621/22


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