iPad Lending Scheme launched

Posted on: Tuesday 28 February 2023
Ipad scheme

Torfaen residents can now borrow an iPad from Cwmbran Library, after a new pilot scheme was launched in the borough today.

Funded and run by Torfaen Adult Community Learning, the iPad Lending Scheme aims to help those who have no skills or means of getting online, by giving them an iPad for up to four weeks at a time.

Digital skills tutors will be on hand every Tuesday at the library, from 9:30am until 12:30pm, to help people get setup and offer wider digital support.

Although initially piloted at Cwmbran Library, the scheme is set to be rolled out to other library venues later this year.

Councillor Joanne Gauden said: “Being able to get online is almost vital these days as many services are much more easily accessible through the internet rather than in person.

“Many of us take this access for granted; it’s so easy to log on and find what you need, whether that’s a job application, or a price comparison site to reduce your household bills. Yet there are people in the borough who are digitally excluded and have no way of getting online.”

Users will first need to be inducted to use the device before one is loaned out.

To learn more about the scheme or wider services on offer, call Torfaen Adult Community Learning on 01633 647822.

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