New Welsh language centre opens

Posted on: Thursday 20 April 2023
Carreg Lam

A specialist centre has opened this week for children who want to transfer from English-medium to Welsh medium primary school education.  

The Carreg Lam unit is based at Ysgol Panteg in Griffithstown and offers 12 places for pupils in Years 2 to 6.

Seven year old Harvey is one of the first pupils to start lessons at Carreg Lam, which means "stepping stone", on Monday. 

His mother Lauren said: “Even in such a short time, Harvey’s confidence has grown tremendously with the language but also we’ve seen a positive change in his self-confidence. He is beginning to use Welsh socially.

"We are so grateful for the opportunity for him to attend Carreg Lam as this wasn’t something that was available to us as parents when were younger. This will really help his work and give him future opportunities.”

Places are offered on a term-by-term basis and will see pupils enrol onto a 12-week intensive language programme to improve their Welsh.

They will then be supported to move into mainstream Welsh medium classes.

The pilot programme is funded by a three-year Welsh Government grant and is one of a series of Welsh-medium immersion units in Wales.

Cllr Richard Clark, Torfaen Council's Executive Member for Education, said: “The council is committed to seeking opportunities and overcoming challenges to promote Welsh language skills and support bilingualism in a positive environment.

“Offering families the chance to move into Welsh-medium education helps to increase those opportunities to learn the language.”

For information about Carreg Lam call 01495 762581 or for more about Welsh-medium education in Torfaen you can download a copy of Council’s Being Bilingual leaflet.

Follow the exciting activities pupils at Carreg Lam and Ysgol Panteg do, as well as at all other schools in Torfaen, by searching for #NotInMissOut or #DdimMewnColliMas on social media. 

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